Friday, December 9, 2022

Kevin Lee Makes Open Challenge For Aug. 28 With Two Names In Mind

Kevin Lee is itching for an opponent to replace Sean Brady and he has two names in mind.

Initially, Lee was supposed to meet Brady at UFC 264. The fight ended up getting pushed back to a UFC Fight Night card on Aug. 28. Once again, plans went south as Brady suffered an injury.

Lee still wants in on that card in late August. First, he targeted Mike Perry on Instagram.

“Mike Perry, you told me you needed more time in July, how’s August 28th sound? Grow some balls and get on the treadmill we got 3 weeks.”

Lee didn’t exactly limit his options, however. He also called out Belal Muhammad on Twitter.

“Belal Muhammad, you busy August 28th brother?”

Muhammad responded with a suggestion.

“That’s a little too soon but I’m down for UFC 266 though bro.”

Kevin Lee and Mike Perry have exchanged words in the past. Back in June, Lee told Helen Yee that he wanted to fight Perry before Brady accepted a clash with him.

“Yeah, I’ll keep it real. I’m coming off of two knee surgeries after that Oliveira fight, two major ACL surgeries…so it ain’t just like I tore my meniscus or something like that. I had to re-learn how to walk and how to be an athlete again. So coming back, I wanted an easy fight.

“Not to say Mike Perry’s an easy fight. He’s gonna show up, and he’s gonna be tough, and he’s gonna stand there and let me punch him a lot. So I thought that would have been fun. But he didn’t want the fight, so I moved on. And this test is a whole lot better and a whole lot tougher, for sure.”

Perry responded, saying he’s working on self-improvement before he steps back inside the Octagon.

“I am trying to progress. I have built bad habits. I needed to take time off and my hand still hurts from the one time I punched Drod. I want to be in the gym training and focused before I accepted anything. Trying to be a real professional. Prep takes time. Plus I’m moving July.”

Who would you like to see step up to fight Kevin Lee on August 28?