Friday, December 2, 2022

Kevin Lee Revokes Mike Perry’s Michigan Status After Fight Rejection

Kevin Lee doesn’t ever want to hear Mike Perry claim to be from the great state of Michigan again after Perry rejected his challenge for the second time.

Kevin Lee has admittedly been looking for an easy transition to the welterweight division in calling out “Platinum” Mike Perry for his return fight in the division. Lee has only competed at welterweight once before, so he believed Perry would make sense as a way to get acclimated to the new temperature up at 170. Perry would respond by rejecting Lee on multiple occasions: once earlier this year and then again last week after Lee’s opponent, Sean Brady, had to withdraw from their fight.

Kevin Lee is not taking this latest rejection lightly. After again confessing that he called out Perry in pursuit of an easy fight, he stated that “Platinum Mike” has lost all of his respect by denying him that convenience.

“You know, Mike Perry would’ve been a good one. That would’ve been a good name,” Lee lamented in an interview with Submission Radio. “Honestly, it would’ve been a softball. And I was kinda looking for a softball. I ain’t have one yet in my career, and Perry would’ve been that, but he didn’t want to give it to me, so I lost a lot of respect for the man after that. I asked for that fight in May. He said give him a little bit more time, so I moved on and wanted to fight Sean Brady in July. He said he needed a few more weeks other than July, but then August 28th rolls around and he still ain’t say nothin’. So I (lost) a lot of respect for the man.”

The loss of respect runs so deep that Lee has forbidden Perry from ever claiming to be a Michigan representative again, effectively revoking his street cred. Should Perry disobey this edict from “The Motown Phenom,” Lee hints that there will be stiff consequences that await.

“And I’ll say one thing and that’s gonna be the end of it,” Lee continued. “Between me and him, he can’t ever say he from Michigan again. If I hear anything come out of his mouth that he from Flint, that he from Michigan, we gonna have some serious problems. It ain’t gonna be none of that picture takin’ and hand shakin’ when he see me. That’s not how we get down where I’m from.”

Kevin Lee went on to scoff at Perry’s claim that he was listening to his coaching staff’s advice by turning down the fight. Lee countered that Perry’s coaching staff wholly consists of his girlfriend, in which case his respect for Perry would be lowered even more than it already has if she is the sole person preventing him from accepting a fight.