Saturday, December 4, 2021

[ARCHIVES] Kevin Lee Talks About Submitting Chiesa On Poop Stain


Kevin Lee had no clue his back was on a poop stain at UFC Fight Night 112.

Lee nabbed a controversial submission victory over Michael Chiesa in Oklahoma City. Little did “The Motown Phenom” know that the Felice Herrig vs. Justine Kish produced some bodily function incident prior.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Lee joked about the matter (via

“I’m telling you right now I had no idea. I was in a car riding on the way back to the hotel and somebody said ‘Yo, how did that girl poop herself?’ I was like ‘What?’ There should have been a disclaimer or something! And actually when I got back to the hotel I asked Felice about it because I seen her, and she said that she smelt it and she thought it was a fart.”

He went on to say that had Chiesa pooped while locking in a submission, then Lee himself would’ve lost.

“I’m telling you right here, right now, that I’m so glad Mario stopped my fight because if [Chiesa] would have s**t himself, I would have tapped. I would have stopped the fight myself.”

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