Friday, September 30, 2022

McGregor Again References Wife’s DM In Fiery Spat With Poirier

Jolie Poirier’s mysterious DM request to Conor McGregor continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for McGregor’s trash-talking repertoire.

In the days leading up to UFC 264, Jolie Poirier appeared to send Conor McGregor a direct message request on Instagram. Dustin Poirier and many fans doubted the authenticity of the request, so McGregor decided to present evidence to remove all doubt. We may never know what was the nature of Jolie’s message, but we do know that McGregor has continued to milk it for all its worth. Another example of this could be found late Sunday night.

While McGregor was chopping it up with fans again on Twitter, one fan decided to present the Irishman with a clip of Dustin Poirier describing an incident where a frisky stranger got a little too hands-on with Jolie at a street party. Poirier took matters into his own hands with the aid of a friend, but they were soon outnumbered, which led to Poirier taking a series of uppercuts while pressed against a car.

An unperplexed McGregor reacted to his rival’s tale when his viewing concluded. “Ye sounds about right,” McGregor commented.

This prompted Poirier to leave his own comment underneath McGregor’s tweet, sharing an image that served as the inspiration for Poirier’s newly owned Sleepy McGregor Chain.

Here, Poirier is adopting a common tactic used by another rival of McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov. In essence, he is saying there is no need to trash talk when he’s already finished him in an actual fight.

McGregor would fire back by again referencing Jolie Poirier’s DM request as well as reminding “The Diamond” that he, too, has been polished off before.

“Ye pal live on that one way back, I will too. I bounced your head off the canvas like a basketball. Your wife bro. The dm’s. Elbows into your dome. The soft part of the skull that doesn’t harden ever. From when you’re a baby. Drilled into your skull at 100mph. U slept on my belly”

Remaining the man of few words between the two, Poirier would then present the Irishman with his recent MMA record in his last four fights.


McGregor would respond with another one of his common references, this time to his ever-expanding wealth.

“Three commas kid,” McGregor posted in response to his three recent losses. The two would then close out this latest trash-talking exchange with a pair of brief tweets.

With McGregor sidelined until at least the first quarter of 2022 after undergoing leg surgery, these two rivals will have to do all their fighting on social media for the time being. So if they pick up where they left off with another round of tweets, MMA News will be here to provide you with all the latest updates.

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