Thursday, December 1, 2022

McGregor Comes To José Aldo’s Defense In Latest Attack On Khabib

Conor McGregor has come to the defense of José Aldo after Khabib gave a brutally honest opinion on whether Aldo’s prime was experiencing a second wind.

Khabib has stated in the past that no fighter can reach his prime again after it is gone. During a recent press conference, a reporter challenged Khabib on this philosophy after José Aldo’s impressive victory over Pedro Munhoz at UFC 265. Khabib did not revise his initial stance and doubled down instead. Khabib stated that Aldo performing the way he did against Munhoz does not mean he would look as strong against elite fighters like Petr Yan.

Khabib’s comments reached nemesis Conor McGregor, who was among those to praise Aldo after his UFC 265 performance, and McGregor came to Aldo’s defense while simultaneously taking shots at Khabib’s career once again.

“Another press conference? Haha for what? You are doing a whole load of nothing mate. You and Cerrone were locked in to fight since way back and you never had the courage. You ran away and now all you do is talk like bitch. Aldo is 100 times the fighter you are, and ever will be,” McGregor wrote.

“This guy is still talking? Another press conference? You shit your pants of Cerrone your whole career. You pulled 3 times from him. Your father, God rest his soul, could not believe his eyes the way I beat Cerrone. You disrespect Cerrone and now Aldo too? You ran away. Shut up.”

Khabib was scheduled to face Donald Cerrone on two separate occasions but had to withdraw from both bouts due to knee injuries. Thus, McGregor did not take kindly to Khabib using his win over Cerrone as an example in the argument against Aldo’s prime.

This is not the first time former enemies McGregor and Aldo have exchanged pleasantries recently. Aldo showed McGregor strong support after McGregor’s leg injury at UFC 264, and McGregor repaid the kind words by branding Aldo as a “real legend” after the Brazilian’s most recent victory.

Of course, Conor McGregor and José Aldo have been linked ever since their historic 2015 fight at UFC 194 and the dramatic buildup attached to it. In the fight, McGregor would defeat “Prime Aldo” in 13 seconds in a victory that arguably catapulted The Irishman’s star power more than any other win in his career.

Do you think Khabib was out of line for his comments about José Aldo?