Sunday, May 22, 2022

Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson Hints At Having UFC Interest

Olympic Gold Medal-winning wrestler Gable Steveson just dropped a major hint that he’s willing to listen to offers from the UFC.

During this year’s Olympic Games, American Gable Steveson took home the gold medal for men’s freestyle wrestling at 125kg when he pulled off a memorable, storybook ending, where he was able to go up on the scorecards right at the proverbial buzzer. Here’s a clip of the historic moment:

At only 21 years of age and nothing but time, talent, and potential in his grasps, Steveson has unlimited options for his next move, which might just be into the UFC Octagon based on a tweet directed at Dana White overnight.

Just a friendly wave with no additional meaning? Doubtful. Steveson knows what the rest of the world knows, which is that he will be a hot prospect coming out of his gold medal win.

“There’s a lot of possibilities for me with this gold medal,” Steveson told ESPN. “A lot of doors opened after me winning a national title, and now the whole world is open for me to see after this Olympic gold medal.”

There has been wide expectations that it won’t be your typical “door” that Steveson walks through but instead the WWE backstage curtains that leads to a stadium of cheering fans. This is in part because earlier this year, Steveson made the bold prediction that he would be the biggest star in WWE history.

Now that his name is known throughout the entire sports world, you can expect Vince McMahon and the WWE executives to give Steveson a chance to fulfill his prophesy. The question now is whether UFC President Dana White is willing to compete for Steveson’s interest.

The UFC heavyweight division has not been this hot in years. With undisputed champion Francis Ngannou looking better than ever, the undefeated Ciryl Gane emerging as the embodiment of evolved MMA, the great Jon Jones expected to enter the mix next year, and the consensus HW GOAT Stipe Miocic still in the mix, the future of the division holds a lot of fascinating questions. And right when it seemed like the landscape couldn’t get any more exciting than it already is, the prospect of a 21-year-old Olympic gold medalist shifting his attention from sports entertainment to mixed martial arts just gave fans the ultimate reversal.

How excited would you be to see Gable Steveson sign with the UFC?

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