Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sean O’Malley At Odds With A UFC Matchmaker After Fight Rejection

Sean O’Malley has taken issue with how a UFC matchmaker reacted to turning down a fight.

O’Malley has been regarded as a rising star in the UFC. He has garnered a substantial social media following. While many may believe that everything is rosy between O’Malley and the UFC brass behind the scenes, that isn’t the case.

During an episode of The BrOMalley Show, O’Malley said he found a recent conversation with matchmaker Sean Shelby to be unpleasant (h/t

“I don’t even know if I’m supposed to say this…Sean Shelby was mad at me. Dude, I don’t wanna fight in New York. It’s far, the taxes are ridiculous, and Tim (Welch) has no-Gi or no, ADCC trials that weekend. And he told me that before I even potentially had a fight. So, that’s his thing, and I’m not gonna say, ‘No. I have a fight’. We’re doing it, especially when I could fight like a month later in Vegas.

“Sean Shelby was just like, mad and like, ‘Fine. Go hang out with 6ix9ine’. Like, just acting like a f**king tool, dude. So, I don’t know if I should’ve said that or not. But it’s like, dude, come on. What do you do?”

O’Malley went on to say he didn’t appreciate Shelby dismissing his reasoning for not wanting to compete at UFC 268.

“They don’t need me. But don’t treat me like that. Like, act like I’m not training or nothing. ‘Go, you’re hanging out with 6ix9ine, dude’. Like, I’m hanging out with him once. Well, three days, but, man, don’t make it up.”

There has been much talk about whether or not UFC 268 will actually take place in New York City. The state of New York plans to require proof of vaccination to take part in many indoor gatherings such as restaurants, bars, and live events. Justin Gaethje has expressed his belief that UFC 268 will take place elsewhere.

O’Malley was last seen inside the Octagon back in July. He defeated Kris Moutinho via third-round TKO.

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