Saturday, December 4, 2021

Sterling Warns Woodley Not To Sacrifice His Dignity For Paul Rematch

UFC bantamweight champ Aljamain Sterling has cautioned Tyron Woodley not to get a tattoo of “I love Jake Paul” for the sake of earning a rematch.

Paul defeated former UFC welterweight champ Woodley via split decision before a packed Cleveland, Ohio crowd on Sunday. “The Problem Child” is now undefeated in four professional boxing bouts, two of which have come against former UFC alums.

Woodley Paul

Prior to the bout, Paul and Woodley came to a much publicized gentleman’s arrangement. The loser, they agreed, would have to get a tattoo professing their love for the winner, then broadcast the indignity via Instagram. The “Problem Child” even flew in famed tattoo artist “Tatu Baby” to ink the loser ringside immediately after the fight.

Tyron later balked on the wager, but now, it appears he’s willing to honor it. Immediately following the fight, Paul proposed that if Woodley follows through on their bet, he’ll grant a rematch. “The Chosen One” agreed on the spot.

Aljamain Sterling Says Woodley Shouldn’t Sacrifice His Dignity

Is Woodley’s amended agreement with Paul a smart business decision? Most probably, given the PPV revenue a rematch promises. But are bags of money worth sacrificing one’s dignity? Aljamain Sterling thinks not.

Shortly after the fight, the 145 pound champ tweeted his thoughts on the wager, advising Woodley to simply take the loss and move on.

“WHAT?!?! Lmfaooo!!!! BRUUUHHH!!! NOOO!!! Fuck that tattoo, my guy!! Take the split dec L and move on. Not worth it IMO,” tweeted Sterling.

Aljamain then followed up with another tweet telling Woodley not to forfeit his dignity for the sake of a payday, before expressing doubt at Tyron’s chances in a rematch.

“Maybe I’m crazy, but I just feel “MY” dignity is worth more than the payday for a rematch like this. Maybe it’s bc I’m not in that situation but it’s like will things really be different? Woodley has all tools in the world, and has been on top with those skills. Different times,” tweeted Sterling.

Is Aljamain Sterling right? Should Tyron Woodley keep his dignity? Or should he sacrifice it for a rematch?

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