Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Strickland Says Killing Someone In UFC Would Make Him ‘Super Happy’

Sean Strickland seemingly eyes more than just victories over his opponents.

In the main event of UFC Vegas 33 this past Saturday night (July 31), Strickland shared the Octagon with Uriah Hall. This was a big opportunity for Strickland as he was just one spot shy of breaking in the UFC’s top 10 middleweight rankings. Hall sat at the number eight spot.

Strickland was dominant throughout the fight and he earned a unanimous decision victory. With the win, he will crack the top 10 list at 185 pounds. This was Strickland’s first main event under the UFC banner.

During the UFC Vegas 33 post-fight press conference, Strickland turned some heads when he said a death inside the Octagon at his hands would give him pleasure (h/t

“If you like to f*cking hurt people, you’re in the right sport. I would love nothing more than to kill somebody in the ring. Nothing more. It would make me super happy. “I would own that sh*t, too. I don’t know if it would make me liable, I might have to say I’m sorry if the cops came, but I would own that sh*t. Own it. Be a psychopath, it’s f*cking fun!”

Strickland admitted that he feels the UFC would have some headaches if he were to ever win a title.

“I’m probably the last person they want as the champion. So Sean what do you think about the UFC?’ I mean it’s cool, they pay me well, it’s cool. I’m the last one they probably want to be the champion.”

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s comments?

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