Thursday, October 28, 2021

(VIDEO) MMA Fighter Gets KO’d By Opponent, Then Choked Out By Ref

An MMA fighter has begun to go viral for taking two L’s in less than a minute: once to his opponent and once to the referee.

There are certain historic achievements that every fighter around the world would love to have attached to their name: most title defenses, most wins, first fighter from their home country to win a world title, etc, etc. Alternatively, there is also some history that absolutely no fighter breathing wants any association with. Going down as the first fighter to be finished by both his opponent and the literal referee of the fight is most certainly among such historic dishonors.

The best thing the fighter in question can say in regards to his stigmatic place in history is that it is not, in fact, attached to his name. As of this writing, it has not been publicized who exactly the fighter is. What we can tell you definitively is that he was choked out after being knocked out.

This man was not choked out by an overzealous opponent who did not heed the referee’s warning. That is because he was actually choked out by the referee himself. Watch the video for yourself below (h/t @B1ackSchefter).

In the above video, Fighter A drops Fighter B with a flush right hand about five seconds into the fight. He then proceeds to land some academic follow-up shots to Fighter B before the referee dives in to put a stop to the action.

As Fighter A is celebrating his instawin, a semiconscious Fighter B goes in for the leg of the official under the dizzified belief that the referee is Fighter A. The referee then converts to Fighter C and proceeds to render the good gentleman fully unconscious.

In the end, Fighter B had a bad night, but he was ultimately just a twice-bitten victim of the moment and has nothing to be ashamed of. The real central figure of this story is the fact that absolutely and positively anything can happen in this crazy sport of ours on any given night, and this historic video serves as indisputable evidence of that assertion.

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