Saturday, December 4, 2021

WATCH: Jake Paul, Tommy Fury Get Into Verbal Altercation Backstage

After Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by split decision on Sunday, he got into a verbal altercation with Tommy Fury backstage.

As Fury was doing media and waiting to go to the press conference, Paul and his team were walking back to their locker room where Paul and Fury exchanged some words. They then went face-to-face with one another and the verbal altercation was all caught on video potentially hyping up their fight.

After the face-to-face, both men then did their post-fight press conference where Fury brought attention to it. He then said it is the fight to make as Paul has been calling him out a ton, so he hopes the fight is next as he believes he would not only beat Paul but he would knock him out.

“I’m not begging and pleading for this fight. I’m just a fighting man who will fight in the ring against anybody, and Jake Paul just happens to be calling my name an awful lot. But I’m here. I’ve done my part tonight,” Fury said at the post-fight press conference (h/t MMAJunkie). “He’s done his part tonight. Why not make it next? It’s the fight that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Nobody wants to see him fight another MMA kid. Why not come against a pro boxer? I’ve got a huge following in the U.K., and I don’t think it’s too bad in America, as well – so happy days there. It just seems right. But again, this is Jake Paul we’re talking about. Can he stand on? I don’t know.”

Jake Paul, meanwhile, then spoke to the media after Fury where he wasn’t too impressed with his performance. He also says he isn’t sure if Fury is a big enough name to sell a big pay-per-view.

“He had a mediocre performance against my sparring partner. All credit to Anthony Taylor – he’s a tough guy – but Tommy Fury is supposed to be this tough, big, bad guy, legendary bloodline. I got in his face and let him talk. I don’t have anything to say to him,” Paul explained. “At the end of the day, I hired him to be here. I gave him an opportunity to shine. I don’t really have anything to say to him. I don’t really have any bad blood. I just said, ‘Yo, tell your girl get out of my DMs.’ At the end of the day, will we see that fight? I’d run that sh*t easy. That’s an easier fight than Tyron, in my opinion. But who knows.”

Regardless, the feud is there between Paul and Fury to set up a potential bout.

Would you like to see Jake Paul box Tommy Fury next?

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