Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Woodley Doesn’t Think Jake Paul Fought Clean In Their Boxing Match

Tyron Woodley has questioned whether Jake Paul fought clean during their boxing bout on August 29.

Just days ago, Jake Paul shocked a large amount of combat sports fans when he earned a hard-fought split decision victory over Tyron Woodley, a man that many believed would be the 24-year-old’s first loss in professional boxing.

After their eight-round affair, Woodley has taken to Instagram to share his thoughts on the fight, show off the minimal damage he sustained, and discuss the possibility of Jake Paul not fighting “clean.”

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul
(via Amanada Wescott/Showtime)

While giving his viewers a walkthrough of Sunday night on his Instagram live, Woodley shared his suspicions regarding Jake Paul and an unusual drug test the two had to complete prior to their fight.

“There was no drug testing done. It was full cap. They tried to make me do a drug test earlier, I went into the locker room, I said; what is this, is this a drug test?” Woodley stated. “First person said; I don’t know, I’m just here to collect the urine. I said; what is this for? Is this a drug test? And then one guy told me yes, a commissioner told me it was a drug test.”

The former UFC welterweight champion then claimed the whole thing was staged to make it seem as if officials were drug testing both himself and his opponent, then reverted back to his face-to-face interview with Jake.

“Why the f**k did you come in there and fake like you was doing a drug test? Because you remember, I asked him on that show. I said; are you taking PEDs? Are you taking steroids? And he froze and said; we’re taking a drug test. We did not take a drug test… He did not take a drug test. I don’t think he fought clean.”

A rematch between the two could be likely in the future, but Jake Paul would only agree to a second meeting if Tyron holds up to his side of their bet. Paul also seemingly “retired” from boxing yesterday.

Do you think Jake Paul fought clean against Tyron Woodley?

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