Friday, December 9, 2022

Woodley: Mayweather Is Training Me To Become A Boxing Champion

Tyron Woodley says Floyd Mayweather is putting him in a position to capture world titles in boxing.

Woodley is scheduled to collide with YouTuber Jake Paul in the main event of a Showtime PPV on Aug. 29. Paul brings with him a pro boxing record of 3-0, while Woodley hasn’t had a pro boxing match yet. With that said, he has a bevy of pro MMA experience and is a former UFC Welterweight Champion.

During an appearance on Showtime’s ALL THE SMOKE show, Woodley explained how Mayweather is training him to win world titles in boxing.

“Make sure you tune in because it’s gonna be something different than what you expect. It’s not the YouTuber vs. the TikToker. This is a real motherfuckin’ fight. It’s gonna look like one; I promise you that. It’s gonna look like a real fight, it is a real fight, and when it’s done and it’s over with, they gonna be like, ‘Tyron’s gonna be a world champion in boxing.’ Floyd said, ‘I’m not training you so you can beat this guy. As long as your mind is there and as long as you’re in shape, you’re gonna beat this guy. But I want people to look at you in your first fight and say, nah, this kid’s gonna be the world champion.’ And my training camp has been nothing short of it.”

There has been bad blood brewing between Woodley and Paul. The two have made a handshake bet where the loser will get a tattoo of the winner’s name. Things got nasty during the pre-fight press conference as there was a confrontation between members of Woodley’s family and Paul’s team.