Friday, May 27, 2022

Belfort Raises Jake Paul Stakes & Throws In $40 Million Canelo Offer

After blitzing his way through boxing legend Evander Holyfield in a single round, Vitor Belfort is upping the stakes and offering $40 million, in a winner-takes-all challenge against Canelo Alvarez.

The era of YouTube-turned boxers and celebrity violence is here, and the Paul brother name has reverberated across the world. In fact, Vitor Belfort had a standing offer for the former Disney star, too: a winner-take-all fight, with Belfort setting the price tag at $30 million for Paul (changed from $25M).

Based on the final figures of the Jake Paul offer and the later offer to Canelo Alvarez, it looks like Belfort isn’t taking the Paul brothers as seriously as Canelo, and you certainly can’t blame him considering Canelo’s line of work.

“$30 million for Jake Paul and $40 for Canelo,” Belfort said during the Triller post-fight press conference. “How can they say no to that? Winner take all. Or if Oscar, he wants to do it, he can be dead too.” (break) “Canelo, $40 million,” Belfort declared. “It’s on the table. How do you say no to $40 million? Just think: Four zero. Oh my God. I’m down.”

After laying waste to a four-time defending heavyweight champion in boxing, the momentum of “The Phenom” appears to be revitalized. The performance took roughly 90-seconds for Belfort to unleash his signature flurry of hook punches.

Belfort Holyfield

His hopes of fighting Alvarez with a price tag like that might be overzealous. Canelo Alvarez recently signed a DAZN deal that amounted to $360 million and just fought for a quick $40 million purse against Billy Joe Saunders in May of 2021.

Having fought under the Triller Fight Club banner, Jake Paul beat the brakes off of Ben Askren in April. Following the dramatic one-punch knockout, he set the world ablaze as well as the tempers of MMA fans across the globe.

After the dust settled at Triller Fight Club Legends II: Holyfield vs. Belfort, it appears Belfort is definitely keen on meeting a Paul brother inside the ring.

“He’s just getting attention and somebody’s gotta give him the whip,” Belfort added at the post-fight conference referring to Jake Paul. “And that’s me. I’m his father. I’m going to put him on my lap. He’s going to meet daddy. Big daddy. He gonna meet Big Daddy. You watch, I promise you. He gonna say ‘Big Daddy,’ that’s what he’s gonna call me. He’s gonna make a tattoo, ‘Big Daddy.’”

After Belfort’s blistering win, at least he is making the rounds and stirring the pot for his next fight. It is hard to deny that last night’s action made for an exciting time in combat sports history. The real question is, where does Vitor Belfort go from here?

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