Thursday, May 26, 2022

Covington Calls Dustin Poirier’s Wife A “Jezebel” & His Child A “Prop”

Let there be no doubt that Colby Covington has pulled out all the stops in his no-limits push for a grudge match against former teammate Dustin Poirier.

Colby Covington has long developed a reputation as a fighter who does not have a filter. Whether he is calling a crowd full of Brazilians “filthy animals,” making off-color remarks about Kamaru Usman’s family and deceased mentor, or calling Jorge Masvidal a cheater and bad father to his children, perhaps no one in our sport has pushed the envelope further than “Chaos” Covington.

Dustin Poirier has been no exception to Covington’s lack of self-censorship. Some of the remarks Covington has recently made concerning his ex-teammate is that he uses his Good Fight Foundation charity as a tax write-off, that he would attack Poirier on the streets on sight, and even stating that if Poirier does not fight him, he would become the true head of the Poirier household.

In an interview with Submission Radio published earlier this summer, Covington once again referenced Poirier’s family, with the controversial welterweight giving Poirier’s wife and even his child unflattering labels.

“That’s the only fight, guys,” Covington said of a potential bout between him and Poirier. “Him and his family, they’re Louisiana swamp trash. Him and his little Jezebel of a wife, him and his little kid that he uses as a prop like he’s a family man, the fake charity guy, which is a write-off for his business. He doesn’t really donate that money for kids and people. He’s just using that as a tax write-off. He’s a fake nice guy on camera; he’s a piece of shit off camera. I’ve seen this guy. I know how he is. I’ve seen how he treats other people. He’s a piece of shit. He’s a dirtbag. I’m gonna expose him.”

To his credit, Dustin Poirier has managed to tune out Covington and not address any of his controversial remarks. He did, however, recently state that he would be willing to fight whoever the welterweight champion is if he were to get past Charles Oliveira and capture the lightweight title first. So if Covington defeats Usman at UFC 268 and Poirier defeats Oliveira, Covington may very well get the fight he’s been pushing for, and Poirier may get the chance to finally respond to all of Covington’s comments in the best way possible.

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