Sunday, October 2, 2022

Gina Carano Stirs Up Controversy Over Mandatory Vaccines & Passports

After comparing vaccines and passports to the HIV epidemic, former MMA fighter and actress Gina Carano has set the social media landscape ablaze with her think pieces.

The former Disney star was fired from the company earlier this year following backlash for comments many viewed as anti-Semitic. However, the corporation claims that her political affiliations were not involved in her dismissal from The Mandalorian project. Regardless, Carano took her services elsewhere, just as she has done in the past with her other career avenues.

We reported on Aug. 12 that Carano already picked up her first major movie role since her abrupt departure with Disney. Now, the 39-year old has spoken out again. While it wasn’t about her future in film, it was another piece to inspire deep thought.

“Imagine it’s 1981 and the government has mandated that all LGBTQ people have to show papers proving they aren’t HIV positive or they won’t be allowed on planes, into concerts or to dine at restaurants,” a message to her millions of online followers read. “Read that again.” Gina Carano posted.

Carano’s comparison was certainly polarizing to some, though her goal is to bring attention to America’s freedoms and liberties. The former fighter insists that the U.S. is “surrendering freedoms” over healthcare measures currently amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

After posting the controversial think piece, some were more understanding, while others were mostly puzzled by her perspective.

“Wow, talk about an odd perspective,” said an onlooker. (via RT)

One is a disease that isn’t transmitted like a cold, has available vaccines and the other doesn’t transmit like that and has no vaccine. Let’s try another comparison, shall we?” said one reader.

Another reacted: “OK, I read it again and I’m still confused. Do you think HIV is transmissible via airborne particles? Because it’s not.” said another.

Gina Carano is well known for her strong personality and viewpoints about social issues. Carano backed up her contentious piece by sharing a video of her participation in a Time Square protest against mandatory vaccines and passports.

Gina Carano has not fought since 2009 where she lost in a first-round TKO against Cris Cyborg. After losing her role in The Mandalorian, Carano has aligned herself with The Daily Wire and Bonfire Legend. Carano’s post-MMA career is busy but interesting with how often she finds herself in the hot seat over controversial statements that inspire debate.

What do you make of Gina Carano’s remarks?

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