Gotcha Life? Jake Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Tried To Have Him Killed

According to Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather’s retaliation for Paul taking the boxer’s hat was an attempt at taking Paul’s life.

Jake Paul is known for many things. He is a YouTuber; a former Disney actor; a fast-rising, novice boxer; and a full-time troll. Whether this latest claim from Paul is yet another chapter from his troll textbook or should be treated with grave seriousness is something we’ll leave for you, our loyal readers, to decide.

Prior to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul boxing match in June, there was a particularly memorable moment backstage at one of the pre-fight media events. During a heated face-to-face exchange between Mayweather and Jake Paul, Paul spontaneously snatched Mayweather’s hat while uttering a phrase he would soon monetize and make famous: “Gotcha hat!”  The entire spectacle was caught on video, as was the immediate reaction of the absolutely furious Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather furious at Jake Paul after getting hat snatched

In an appearance on FULL SEND PODCAST, Jake Paul shared why he believes Mayweather was so angry. A large part of it has to do with his claim that the Paul brothers did something that no one, not even Conor McGregor, had done to Mayweather before.

“No fighter has ever really made him look dumb,” Paul began. “Like, when him and McGregor were doing their whole beef and all their press conferences, they were in on that together. They were like, ‘Yeah, let’s sell this. Let’s make it fun.’ They would ride in the same jets to places to go to the cities. I know that for a fact.

“My brother and I come in, and we’re like the young trolls who don’t give a fuck, and we’re genuinely making this old guy look really stupid, and we legitimately hurt his feelings. That’s what happened. That’s why he was so angry. We hurt his feelings—his hair was all fucked up—and just making him look stupid in general. And no one’s ever really gone there and really hurt his feelings.”

Floyd Mayweather's furious response to Jake Paul was rare loss of  composure, according to members of the boxing legend's inner circle |  Boxing News | Sky Sports

So how hurt were Mayweather’s feelings? Paul alleges that Mayweather was so infuriated about his temporarily confiscated hat that he actually tried to arrange Paul’s murder.

“He was trying to get me killed behind the scenes for sure,” Paul stated calmly, much to the audible dismay of the podcast hosts. “He was calling like the ‘gangsters’—because we were in Miami at the time—and he was calling the ‘street people’—because my security’s tapped into street people—and they were like, ‘Yo, you guys gotta be fuckin’ careful. He’s trying to do something. He’s trying to do something.’ So whatever the fuck that meant or means…”

It must be noted that even if Paul’s account is 100% accurate, the phrase “trying to do something” is open to interpretation and could mean any number of things. There is also no corroborating evidence whatsoever to lend credence to his claim as of this writing, nor have there been any reports of criminal charges pending or a formal investigation of any kind.

Nevertheless, Paul apparently seems convinced that Mayweather wanted to take his grievances with at least one Paul brother outside of the sports arena and onto the streets with fatal consequences. As for why Mayweather never followed through with the alleged hit, Paul shared his theory for that, too.

“I think Mayweather calmed down afterwards and was like, ‘Damn, this crazy kid just sold this fight way more pay-per-views,” said Paul.

What do you make of Jake Paul’s accusation that Floyd Mayweather tried to have him killed after the “gotcha hat” fiasco?

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