Tuesday, August 16, 2022

[ARCHIVES] Rogan Calls To Stop Post-Fight Interviews Of KOed Fighters

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Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan has done his fair share of post-fight interviews inside the Octagon, that’s why his opinion should matter as much as anyone’s regarding an issue he dealt with inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night.

Following the wild main event for the UFC Heavyweight Championship between Stipe Miocic and Alistair Overeem, Rogan interviewed both guys inside the Octagon. Miocic had some fun with his hometown fans, while Overeem caused an awkward and uncomfortable scene that Rogan was a part of.

Overeem, who knocked down Miocic and tried following-up with a guillotine choke early into the fight, claimed during his interview that he felt Miocic tap out during the choke. This led to Rogan digging deeper into the claim and asking for a number of replays from different angles, none of which showed Miocic tapping.

After the event, Rogan apparently asked UFC to put an end to interviewing fighters who get knocked out right after their fight.

“I asked the UFC brass if we could please refrain from interviewing fighters after they’ve been KO’ed,” Rogan wrote on Twitter. “I don’t think it’s wise nor fair.”

Rogan continued, “If you’ve ever talked to a friend who has been KO’ed, their perception of reality can be drastically off [and] their memory is severely impaired.”

You can check out Joe Rogan’s post-fight Octagon interviews with both Stipe Miocic and Alistair Overeem above. For video highlights of the Miocic vs. Overeem title fight from UFC 203, click here.

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