Thursday, May 26, 2022

McGregor/MGK Scuffle Reportedly Over DMs To Megan Fox

A new report has emerged that alleges the Conor McGregor/Machine Gun Kelly altercation from the VMAs stemmed from McGregor sliding into Megan Fox’s DMs.

The biggest headline from the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards had nothing to do with the event’s festivities and the night’s big winners. As has often been the case with major award ceremonies in the past, it was the red carpet that was all the talk the day after.

Only this time, the water-cooler conversations had nothing to do with dazzling and eyecatching outfits but with one of the night’s performers nearly coming to blows with a professional cage fighter. That fighter, of course, would be none other than “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, who was in attendance as a presenter during the ceremony; and the performer was rap-rock star Machine Gun Kelly.

VMAs 2021: Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox Hold Hands
Image Credit: Getty Images for MTV/ ViacomCBS

Photos and videos capturing McGregor attempting to attack Kelly immediately began circulating the Internet while the VMAs were still in progress. The natural question everyone wanted to know was: What happened?

Initially, PEOPLE Magazine and other sources reported that McGregor was rejected from taking a picture with Kelly, which prompted the Irishman to lash out violently at Kelly. Both parties’ representatives denied this report.

There was also a TMZ report that claimed it was Kelly who got physical with McGregor first when he shoved the former champ-champ, and this is what led to The Notorious Irish temper spilling out onto the red carpet. The only comment thus far from McGregor is that the whole thing is just “rumors” and that absolutely nothing happened.

Now, a new report from Extra claims to have the inside scoop on the true reason behind the scuffle. According to the report, it all stemmed from McGregor allegedly DMing Kelly’s girlfriend, Megan Fox. There has been no public comment from Kelly, Fox, or their representatives confirming or denying this report as of this writing.

Ironically, McGregor has also made headlines this year for continuing to taunt Dustin Poirier over a DM request from wife Jolie Poirier sent prior to UFC 264. McGregor is currently engaged to longtime partner Dee Devlin, who was in attendance alongside McGregor at the VMAs.

If any new details emerge regarding this story, we’ll bring you the dirt right here on, so stay tuned for any additional updates.

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