Tuesday, August 16, 2022

[UPDATE] Nate Diaz Publicly Accepts Vicente Luque’s Challenge


Nate Diaz has now publicly and explicitly accepted Vicente Luque‘s challenge to a fight.

Two weeks after Diaz gave Luque’s callout a favorable response, he now wants to make sure that his acceptance is not lost in translation, especially by Luque whom Diaz directly addressed.

In the above tweet, Diaz shares a video of Luque explaining why a fight with Nate Diaz would be a must-see. Luque admitted that he’s not the best salesman with his words, but the excitement of his fists packs a much more powerful punch. Diaz’s response was a simple, two-word message: “Let’s fight.”

With both fighters now on board, it’s now up to the UFC to act and make things official.

MMA News will keep you updated as always if and when this fight is formally booked.


Nate Diaz has reacted to Vicente Luque’s callout, and his response bodes well for “The Silent Assasin.”

After defeating Michael Chiesa at UFC 265, Vicente Luque politely called out Kamaru Usman for a shot at the welterweight title. Luque predicted that Usman would be successful in his upcoming rematch against Covington so decided to shoot his shot in advance. He also took some follow-up shots at some other dream targets, namely both of the Diaz brothers.

Tuesday, Nate Diaz shared a video of Luque politely calling him out with a respectful yet persuasive pitch on why the fight makes sense. Luque cited his fighting style and winning streak as enticements to lure in Diaz for his second bout of the year. In his re-tweet of the video, Diaz attached a fist emoji as a positive acknowledgment of Luque’s callout. See the tweet and video below.

So what does this mean in Diaz language? Does that mean, ‘OK, I see you. You’ve got my attention?’ Is it merely a show of respect? Or is it an all-out, ‘You’ve got yourself a deal?’

We shall definitely keep you posted on fight news for both Vicente Luque and Nate Diaz when more information becomes available on this developing story, so be sure to keep it locked on MMANews.com for all the updates!

Would you be interested in seeing a fight between Vicente Luque and Nate Diaz next?

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