Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Pimblett Says “Anyone Who Can Box” Beats Jake Paul, Including Him

To say Jake Paul doesn’t impress Paddy Pimblett would be an understatement. 

Fresh off of a frenetic UFC debut, Paddy Pimblett has weighed in on the Youtuber. In an interview with MMA Crazy, Pimblett was to the point when asked about Jake Paul’s last bout. 

“No, I don’t watch sh– like that,” Pimblett proclaimed. 

The Liverpudlian saw the clip of Tyron Woodley rocking Paul and heard Woodley was robbed, but that was all he knows of the boxing match. Pimblett also stated, “You need to finish people like that (Paul) or you’re going to get robbed.” 

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett (Photo: MMA Mania)

Paddy Pimblett (17-3) is making his own headlines after rallying to get a finish in his first UFC appearance. “The Baddy” overcame some adversity early on before stopping Luigi Vendramini in the first round. After twenty professional fights, it’s safe to say Pimblett wouldn’t be shook stepping into the ring with Jake Paul.

“He’s a sausage. I’d fight him tomorrow, and beat him up,” Pimblett said.

There is no denying the Paul brothers are becoming a force in combat sports. The list of fighters who have staked their claim at a shot at the famous Youtubers is too many to name at this point. When asked what fighters could beat Paul in a boxing match, Pimblett was quick with his response.

“Anyone who can box, ‘’ Pimblett laughed, “literally, anyone who can box. Tyron Woodly can box,  but from what I hear he didn’t throw enough punches in the fight. He didn’t throw enough volume, so that’s what lost him the fight.”

Of course, for the payday, Pimblett wouldn’t oppose stepping into the ring with Paul. 

“Yeah, I’d fight him tomorrow, especially for the money. I’d punch his face in. It’s embarrassing that Woodley lost.” 

For better or worse, Jake Paul is the man everyone is talking about. He is now 4-0 in boxing and the crossover fights aren’t stopping anytime soon. 

Who would you like to see Jake Paul face off against next?