Friday, May 27, 2022

Rockhold Gives A Stern Warning To Strickland After Parking Lot Threat

Heat continues to build between Luke Rockhold and the brash Sean Strickland as they begin to prepare for their middleweight clash on Nov. 6 at UFC 268: Usman vs. Covington 2.

Ahead of their big scrap at Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, Sean Strickland has begun his war of words. “Tarzan” has often gone on social media to voice his dissatisfaction with just about anything that crosses his mind. Recently, the Instagram Live videos took a darker turn when the middleweight began expressing his dream to one day kill or be killed inside the Octagon, denoting it as an honorable death.

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Strickland was trashed by Rockhold after Strickland implied that he would be selling methamphetamine in a trailer or in jail if the UFC wasn’t around. Once Strickland got around to hearing Rockhold’s negative take, he decided the fight is now ‘on sight.’

Strickland recently threatened Rockhold in the event the two run into one another in a parking lot or RVCA. Following the shenanigans, Rockhold is giving “Tarzan” a fair warning before they actually meet in the cage.

“Him saying that he wants to kill people in the ring…like, it’d be cool if I kill the guy, like, what the fuck are you talking about, dude? Those are the people who need to die themselves. Those are the people. And then, you want to talk about coming (after me) in the parking lot? I didn’t say anything really about you…

“Motherfucker, you come at me, you touch me in the parking lot, I’ll be the one in jail. I promise you that, and you’re the one people will have to question if you’re fuckin’ alive.”

While the fight is still over a month away, it seems the two middleweight are already under the skin of each other. Recently, Rockhold has struggled in the UFC and has not picked up a win since his TKO of David Branch in 2017. On the other hand, Strickland has had a busy 2021 season. With signature wins against Krzysztof Jotko and Uriah Hall, his relentless pace has become his most powerful weapon.

Who do you think wins a street fight between Luke Rockhold and Sean Strickland?

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