Friday, August 12, 2022

Tyron Woodley & Dan Hardy Engage In Fierce Social Media Exchange

After Dan Hardy continued to roast Tyron Woodley in connection to Woodley’s linkage to Jake Paul, Woodley’s return-fire led to a fierce exchange.

Following Tyron Woodley’s loss to Jake Paul in an August 29 boxing match, one of the people to offer their take on the fight was UFC legend and MMA analyst Dan Hardy. In fact, Hardy’s take was among the most memorable, strictly due to how harsh his take was on Woodley’s performance. Here’s a snippet of what “The Outlaw” had to say about it.

“I’d fight Tyron Woodley if he fancied it as well. He looked like a sack of shit the other week. That was very embarrassing.”

Now, after Woodley has followed through on getting the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo, Hardy was back at it again with more relentless shots at his former UFC colleague.

“Anyone who has a tattoo knows that’s not a tattoo. What a dork,” Hardy wrote.

There was later a video posted of Woodley getting the tattoo so as to put all doubts to rest regarding the authenticity of the tattoo. Rather than respond by referring Hardy to this video, Woodley decided to instead reply with the same venomous energy presented by the Englishman.

“Keep my name out your mouth. Name aint dick. I told you once. you haven’t fought in a century. you are a spectator and fan now. just watch buy event t-shirts.”

“you can’t get cleared to thumb wrestle,” Woodley added, in reference to Hardy’s documented health issues that led to his early MMA retirement.

After Hardy elaborated on why Woodley’s tattoo was “embarrassing,” Woodley would then retort that the Brit’s entire career was an embarrassment. Woodley also went on to provide a screenshot that showed he is currently trending, with the implication being that Hardy, in contrast, is irrelevant.

“your ufc career is embarrassing. You claim to fame is you got stomped by GSP and didn’t die. everything was by design. i’ll keep setting trends while you tweet.”

Dan Hardy would then offer the following response to “The Chosen One.”

“You’re trending because you’ve got @jakepaul tattooed on your finger. Well done. Congratulations on your championship success. I remember the crowds booing in appreciation as you wore your heel out against the fence, backing up and avoiding the fight,” Hardy wrote.

As of this writing, the last word went to Woodley, who closed with this:

“Belt and titles. Things you dreamed of. They cheered as you were carried out on a stretcher. Champs now were in diapers last time you fought. Keep living your dream on the bag in your garage. From Outlaw to Uber Black driver.”

Going back to Hardy’s initial comments about liking the idea of potentially returning in a bout against Woodley, if that fight were to somehow materialize, it already has a proper buildup just from one day’s worth of tweets.

What are your thoughts on this intense social media exchange between Dan Hardy and Tyron Woodley?

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