Friday, December 2, 2022

Tyron Woodley Provides Major Update On Potential Jake Paul Tattoo


While Tyron Woodley seems to have ditched his idea for an Instagram Live session with Jake Paul mentioned in the article below, he has set a tentative date for when he could follow through with the highly hyped and hitherto hypothetical “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo.

Tyron Woodley has a new idea on how to seal the rematch between him and Jake Paul (h/t MMA reporter Nick Baldwin).

If Woodley follows through on this report and gets branded with Jake Paul’s name on Saturday, we will usher the breaking news straight to you right here on


Prior to the Paul/Woodley boxing contest last month, the two came to an agreement on a rather strange tattoo bet. The loser would get a tattoo that professes their love for the winner. Things turned complicated after Paul was awarded the split-decision victory, however. Woodley interrupted Paul’s post-fight interview to demand a rematch because he felt wronged by the judges. Paul agreed to grant Woodley the rematch on the condition that he follows through on the tattoo bet agreement.

Now in mid-September, Woodley still has not gotten the tattoo due to the fact that he has been awaiting official paperwork that guarantees the rematch. Meanwhile, Paul has stopped waiting and has moved on from Woodley altogether. As Paul explains it, Woodley took too long when dragging his feet on getting the tattoo, and now all the buzz around the pairing has fizzled out. Woodley isn’t buying the veracity of Paul’s stated reasons for declining the rematch.

“It’s off because I didn’t get the tattoo? You a fuckin’ lie,” Woodley began when speaking to TMZ Sports this week. It’s off because somebody got to him in the locker room, he had just got punched around, knocked through the ropes—they put those nice little Cleveland ropes in there to keep him in there—and then Jake…I talked to my manager, I’m like, ‘Cool, what we doin’?’ We gettin’ this fuckin’ tattoo? Where the shit at for the rematch?’”

Woodley reiterated that all it took for him to get the tattoo was Paul’s team taking the necessary steps to guarantee the rematch, and he gave them more than an adequate amount of time to do so in the dark hours immediately following the event.

“I was waiting! I was waiting. I wasn’t willing; I was waiting. We had no food. All the chicken wings was gone, all the pizza was gone, everything you want to eat after a fight, everything was gone,” Woodley said. “We was in the basement of the hotel waiting, no food, up looking stupid. No, I was not willing. It was waiting. And I was waiting on them to follow through on their end of the deal.”

Tyron Woodley Offers New Proposal To Seal The Rematch

Tyron Woodley (Image Credit: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Jake Paul may have moved on from the idea of a Paul/Woodley II marquee, but Woodley hasn’t. In fact, he has even presented a new proposal for the YouTuber that includes Woodley finally getting the “I ❤️ Jake Paul” tattoo.

“Shit, tell [Jake Paul] let’s go live,” Woodley instructed the TMZ interviewer. “I’mma talk some more shit to you, and you can watch me get this dumb-ass tattoo while we go live on Instagram.”

Jake Paul has named Tommy Fury as a strong candidate for his next fight and has also said he’d be fighting Masvidal next if it were totally up to him. An undeterred Woodley is not changing course just yet, however, and is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to stand across from Paul in a boxing ring again.

What do you make of this last-ditch effort from Woodley to score the Jake Paul rematch?