Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Vitor Belfort Wonders Why The Oblique Kick Is Allowed

The debate about the controversial oblique kick wages on. 

Fans and fighters are debating whether mixed martial arts commissions should ban oblique kicks. For those not in the know, an oblique kick is a stomp that aims to push an opponent’s knee in backwards. 

The kick is back in the news after Khalil Rountree destroyed Modestas Bukauskas’ leg (as seen in the video above) and earned a TKO victory at UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till. While Rountree isn’t the first to use the move—Jon Jones has been heavily criticized over the years for the technique—his was one of the more devastating examples of it. 

Many fighters took to social media calling for a ban on the kick while others defended its usage. Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort is the most recent fighter to blast the move.

“It’s time to review the rules. Even boxing, why 12 rounds? Why you putting 12 rounds? You want to see knockouts. You want to see finishes. There’s so many things to change in both sports, I believe. Why are you (allowing) that kick? What’s the purpose of that kick?”

Belfort hasn’t competed in MMA since May 2018, where he lost by TKO to Lyoto Machida. Currently, “The Phenom‘’ is in his final preparations to face 58-year-old Evander Holyfield in a boxing match this Saturday night. Ahead of his second professional boxing match, Belfort wonders not only about MMA, but the sport of boxing and who sets the rules.  

 “Why are you letting fighters get all this damage? Because now, the guy go for the ACL, maybe end his career. So a lot of things we’ve got to revisit. The rules of MMA is so antique. And who made the rules? I asked that question for Dana [White], and he [MOCK STAMMERS]. I don’t know. And who was involved? Any fighter was involved? Anybody was involved? Who’s (creating) the rules for boxing? It’s someone in a suit? Get the fighters along (to see) what we can do to get better.”

Do you think the oblique kick should be banned from MMA?

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