Monday, November 28, 2022

Will Tyson Fury Transition To MMA? His Father Thinks So

Tyson Fury is a world champion in boxing but could MMA be in his future.

Fury has gone back-and-forth on whether or not he wants to dabble into the world of MMA. He was seen training with UFC middleweight Darren Till. “The Gypsy King” would soon admit he doesn’t want to deal with the grappling aspect of MMA. Fury then said he’d fight UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou with small gloves on as long as there wasn’t any grappling involved.

Despite Fury’s comments, his father John told Dan Hardy for JOE that he thinks Tyson will eventually make the jump to MMA (h/t

“With the right training, he does very well. I’ve seen him excel in different sports, wrestling. I’ve got some sort of an idea what Tyson was from that. And he likes to get involved, Tyson, and I know what he’s like from being a kid. He can use more than his hands, believe it or not. And he’s quick and light on his feet. And his balance is good. And I do believe if a top MMA trainer took him on, he could do big things with him. Ask Darren Till, he’s done the work with him.”

John went on to say that he believes his son can find success in MMA with the right camp.

“He’s got a good forearm smash and all that kind of thing. The knees go up, the head goes in, the elbows. I’ve seen him do it out of boxing, see. I’ve seen him fighting outside, this that and the other. I know what he’s capable of, and with the right training, yes he could do that.”

Tyson Fury is set to put his WBC Heavyweight gold on the line on Oct. 9. He’ll take on Deontay Wilder in a trilogy fight.