Friday, December 9, 2022

Ariel Helwani Trolls Brendan Schaub By Posting Past Video

It seems Ariel Helwani is fully embracing his “Heelwani” alter ego after taking yet another jab at Brendan Schaub.

The ongoing Helwani-Schaub beef has been a delightfully entertaining sideshow in recent weeks, of which MMANews has proudly provided episodic coverage. We’ve not only seen the duo sling voluminous amounts of mud at each other, but also Helwani regularly incorporate into his lexicon a good deal of “Schaubisms”—butchered phrases (like that below) attributed to Brendan that have been popularized by the notoriously anti-Schaub The Fighter and the Kid subreddit, otherwise known as “PF Changs.”

Let’s Recap The Beef Thus Far

Things popped off last month when a furious Helwani defended his honor against disparaging claims about his career made by Schaub and Joe Rogan, including that the former ESPN reporter is difficult to work with.  

After Schaub privately DM’d Helwani what the latter deemed a “fake apology,” The MMA Hour host stepped things up a notch, blasting Schaub and his The Fighter and the Kid co-host, Bryan Callen, as “fake,” before warning the former UFC heavyweight to “leave my name out of your mouth.”

Recently, Schaub did the exact opposite, taking aim at Hewlani once more and in the process, besmirching the entire industry of MMA media, who he characterized as “soy boys.” Helwani predictably fired back, calling Schaub out for hypocrisy, branding him “fake and phony,” before belittling his largely unsuccessful athletic career, and his faltering present comedic endeavors.

Ariel Hewlwani
PHOTO: Paige Bethmann, Vox Media

Helwani Claps Back By Tweeting Old Schaub Interview

On his podcast earlier this month, Schaub doubled down on his previous comments asserting that Helwani is difficult to work with, and dared The MMA Hour host to talk smack to his face.  

“When you’re in MMA, you’re gonna get two things: Khabib is the GOAT and the journalist [Ariel Helwani] is a complete nightmare to work with…he can’t help it,” said Schaub (h/t Sportskeeda). “He’s the Ellen of MMA. He has no friends. We don’t even have a thing. You’re not coming after me because I’m doing bad. He’s not important to have a beef with. I dare you [Helwani], come on the show. You won’t talk like this in my face.”

To this, Helwani simply responded by tweeting video of an old interview with then UFC fighter Schaub, in which he makes a rather unflattering admission.

“I’m always scared to interview with you,” Schaub admits in the video. Upon Ariel asking him why, Brendan simply says; “I don’t know, man. I don’t know.”

If another episode of Heelwani vs. Big Brown drops, we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest dirt right here at!