Thursday, May 19, 2022

Bisping: Conor McGregor Is Turning Into A Bully & No One Likes A Bully

Michael Bisping thinks Conor McGregor is trending in the wrong direction and is in need of some swift intervention.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Conor McGregor allegedly assaulted Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti. Both Facchinetti and his wife gave their account of what took place, stating that McGregor sucker-punched the artist without provocation.

Bisping began his monologue on this subject by pointing out similar incidents McGregor has been in, specifically the punching of an old man in a pub and the Machine Gun Kelly fiasco at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Based on this track record, Bisping says there is no reason not to believe the version of events presented by Facchinetti and his wife.

Bisping: “At Some Point, Conor’s Gotta Get His Shit Together.”

Conor McGregor, Machine Gun Kelly
Conor McGregor, Machine Gun Kelly

So if McGregor is once again out there causing a ruckus and picking fights with random people, what is causing it? Why is he doing it? Bisping was unable to provide an answer to this problem, but he was able to present some solutions.

“From the outside, it seems like he’s got all the money in the world, he’s got all the fame in the world, he’s got everything he’s ever wanted,” Bisping began in a video posted on his YouTube channel. “And it seems like he needs some people around him to tell him no. Because he’s going around, he’s being unchallenged. He’s getting away with it every single time. And if you’re getting away with it, well, why are you gonna change your ways? It’s only when you get held accountable that you decide to say, ‘OK, I gotta stop doing this. I gotta make some changes in my life.”

Although Bisping does find it a bit peculiar that Facchinetti is opting to sue McGregor as opposed to going directly to the authorities, that is no reason to doubt his story, he says. And when you add this incident to the sum of other notorious indiscretions, it is one foul too many for “The Count.”

“But at some point, Conor’s gotta get his shit together. Because this is gonna end badly one day. You need people around you that are gonna tell you no. You need people that are gonna hold you accountable. You need people that are gonna say, ‘Listen, Conor, what the fuck, man?’

“It seems like a long time ago he was the double-champ of the world. I was a fan of that guy. I’m not a fan of this guy. I don’t think anyone’s a fan of this guy.”

Bisping would also take note of Conor McGregor’s level of competition, which isn’t exactly on par with a former UFC double champion.

“Soon, he’s gonna run out of steam. The train is gonna run out of steam. He can’t continue like this. And one day, he’s gonna fuckin’ pick on the wrong person. And by the way: the old guy at the bar, Machine Gun Kelly, Francesco Facchinetti, these aren’t tough guys, are they?”

The Englishman would then go on to classify the type of man he sees McGregor becoming: a textbook bully.

“I mean, if he’s truly this much of a badass, then go out there and pick on someone—not your own size because someone your own size isn’t very hard, is it? But pick on someone that can fight! You’re a professional fighter. You’re a professional fighter. You’re supposed to be out there looking for challenges. But what he’s essentially turning into right now is a bully. And no one likes a bully. Nobody likes a bully.”

Bisping again pointed to the fact that McGregor recently underwent surgery on his broken leg and reiterated his theory that he may be hopped up on pain pills as a result. He then spoke from experience on the effects heavy medication can have on one’s behavior and temperament.

Nevertheless, no amount of pills excuses McGregor’s behavior, says Bisping, which is in dire need of an attitude check to balance out the mounting tab of misplaced shots.

Do you agree with Michael Bisping’s take on the current state of Conor McGregor?

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