Thursday, May 19, 2022

Blonde Brunson Continues To Roast Paulo Costa Over Weight Issues

Derek Brunson has decided to continue his comedic route of Paulo Costa following UFC Vegas 41.

Paulo Costa became the subject of some bad press after reportedly holding the UFC Vegas 41 main event hostage. Costa is said to have requested multiple changes to the weight class his bout against Marvin Vettori would be contested at. What started out as a conventional 185-lb middleweight bout ballooned up to 205 by the time weigh-in day arrived.

Many people were off-put if not outright offended by Costa’s antics, but not fellow middleweight contender Derek Brunson, AKA “Blonde Brunson.” Blonde Brunson has progressively become a mythical figure within the MMA community, known mostly for his immunization to losses.

Whether it’s in the Octagon or in the sportsbook, Blonde Brunson has proven to be a winner. He has even made an aggressive go at comedy, including extending a hilarious invitation to Paulo Costa to the “Blonde Brunson Barbeque.”

Monday, Brunson took to Instagram to continue to share more funnies at the expense of his quasi-middleweight peer Paulo Costa.

In the above meme, a hyperbolically overweight Paulo Costa can be seen leering into the camera. According to Blonde Brunson’s interpretation, the Brazilian is eying his next main course, which could be any (or every) one of his growing list of critics.

One person who wasn’t laughing at Paulo Costa’s UFC Vegas 41 weight struggles was UFC President Dana White. Though Costa impressed the boss with his performance against Vettori, it was not enough to stop White from banishing him from the middleweight division and requiring that he compete at light heavyweight henceforth.

Vettori defeated Costa via unanimous decision in the UFC Vegas 41 main event. As for Blonde Brunson, he will look to continue his winning ways when he locks up with Jared Cannonier at UFC 270 on January 22.

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