Saturday, December 10, 2022

[ARCHIVES] McGregor Continues To Steal The Show Before UFC 179


Here’s a look back to an editorial written about Conor McGregor in the middle of his rise to superstardom in 2014. The following piece was published seven years ago to this day and is presented to you in its original, unaltered form.


How can anyone not love Conor McGregor?


“The Notorious” one has been providing entertainment all week long as we head into Saturday’s UFC 179 pay-per-view in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Jose Aldo defends his UFC Featherweight Championship in a rematch against Chad Mendes.

While Aldo and Mendes are the headliners this weekend, no one is making more headlines than Ireland’s finest.

Whether it’s Mendes claiming he wants to punch a hole through McGregor’s face, or Aldo calling him a “sh*t,” Conor McGregor is getting people’s attention.

Whether it’s Conor ranting on Twitter (which resulted in a likely January bout with Dennis Siver), or hijacking live television interviews and threatening to rest his balls on a certain Featherweight’s forehead, McGregor is the man in the spotlight.

Whether it’s calling Ben Askren a “pube head”, or stealing the show on UFC 179 Embedded, Conor McGregor cannot — and will not — be ignored.

Hell, today alone, McGregor posted two tweets that generated legitimate laughter from yours truly, as he touted “sipping fresh coconut on the beach in Rio” and then posted a photo of himself with who he called UFC’s “Head Of Operations,” Garry Cook, in the back of an “armored vehicle” while referring to himself as UFC’s “Head Of Removing Heads.”

Conor McGregor is truly a rock star.

No one was sadder than I when Chael P. Sonnen retired — but fear not — his Irish-counterpart has arrived …in style.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to “The Notorious era.” The best part? We’re just getting started!

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