Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Dana White Thinks Fedor Loses Sleep Over Not Joining The UFC

Dana White thinks Fedor Emelianenko has rejector’s remorse.

One of the greatest what if’s in MMA history is: What if Fedor Emelianenko signed with the UFC? How would he have faired? Would he have been a champion? A top contender? Or would he have been average at best?

At one point, one of the select few people who had the power to get these answers for the public, Dana White, tried to make a deal. Unfortunately for fans who would’ve loved to see the former PRIDE FC heavyweight champion test his skills against the UFC‘s best, the two sides weren’t able to come to terms.

Fedor would ultimately sign with Bellator MMA in 2017 where he has had mixed success. Most recently, Fedor knocked out former UFC vet Timothy Johnson at Bellator 269.

Prior to that fight, Fedor rebuked Dana White, stating that the UFC boss lacks respect for fighters and that “money is everything to him.” When asked about Fedor’s latest performance during the UFC 267 post-fight press conference, here is what White had to say.

“I don’t think one way or another about it,” White began. “I saw last week or a couple weeks ago where Fedor said, ‘This guy’s all about money’ or whatever. First of all, I don’t even know Fedor. Fedor doesn’t know me. We met one time. His statement was ‘all about money.’ He should’ve been more about money when we made you that offer in wherever the fuck we were, whatever island that was we were on, and you wouldn’t still be fighting at 45 years old.”

White was then asked if he’d be willing to try again to give Fedor one last fight in the UFC.

“You know, I offered him a deal that he still must lay in bed every night and bum out about,” White said. “We offered him a deal. We tried to do a deal with Fedor. Apparently, Fedor doesn’t like me, so I don’t see it happening.”

White did not add any specifics on when precisely this offer was made, but it may very well be in connection to the Brock Lesnar fight that he’s stated in the past he tried to make. Ironically, it was White who, as recently as last year, said that he regrets not being able to get that deal done.

What about you? Would YOU still like to see Fedor fight in the UFC at least once? Or is it too late?