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[ARCHIVES] Georges St-Pierre Responds To Jon Jones’ Rant


GOAT vs. GOAT? Here’s a look back at a story published on this day three years ago. Today, Jones has more pressing issues to worry about than other opinions. But in 2018…well, in 2018, he still had more pressing issues to worry about; he just had more time to tackle perceived criticisms. 

On This Day Three Years Ago…


Georges St-Pierre responds after Jon Jones took offense to his recent comments about performance enhancing drug use.

St-Pierre made some waves with his recent comments about PED users. One comment in particular stood out. St-Pierre said PED users have no place in the “greatest of all time” discussion and used an example of a fighter getting popped for steroids after winning via head kick then saying the head kick wasn’t a result of PED use. The description matched Jones, who defeated Cormier via head kick then popped for turinabol.

Georges St-Pierre Clarifies His Comments

Feeling singled out, Jones fired back at “Rush” saying brain damage must’ve have led him to that conclusion. During a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani‘s MMA Show, St-Pierre made it clear that he doesn’t have an issue with “Bones” (via

“Jon Jones got angry at me, I saw on social media, because of the steroid thing, So my friend showed me the post on Instagram and I didn’t understand. I was not targeting Jon Jones. I was not talking about Jones, but then I realized, ‘Shit, Jon Jones win with a head kick against Cormier.’ But I was not targeting him. I was talking about PEDs and remove people when they get caught for PEDs and I said often that everything is different. It’s like, it’s a grey line, it is not black and white. If you look at some guys who have been caught with performance-enhancing drugs, after they get caught, their performance diminishes. They are not the same fighter anymore. But if you look at Jon Jones, Jon Jones has been pretty constant. And he claims that, I believe from what I have read on the report, is that one of the substances got tainted. So it’s not that he took it, it just that one of his supplement got tainted. So I was not targeting him especially. I have a good relationship with Jon Jones. I trained with him and I felt bad.”

St-Pierre and Jones aren’t strangers to one another. The two men have trained at Jackson-Wink MMA. They’ve also been seen supporting each other in the crowd for their fights.

Do you think Jon Jones got a bit sensitive over GSP’s comments?

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