Monday, October 3, 2022

Irwin Rivera Released From Police Custody After Plea of Not Guilty

Irwin Rivera was released into the care of his family after a judge ruled that he was not guilty by reason of insanity after attempting to murder his sisters.

Rivera was arrested after allegedly stabbing his two sisters several times back in January. He was taken into custody at the time and later found to have bipolar disorder with psychosis. The news of his release was first reported by ESPN.

Rivera’s sisters suffered multiple stab wounds after he attacked them both in their sleep. After the fact, he told police he believed that a “higher power” willed him to do so. Both sisters have not suffered any long-term effects of the injuries. They have both been on his side during his case.

The release came after a doctor testified that Rivera was suffering from this disorder and the attack on his sisters was his first psychosis episode.

“Mr. Rivera was suffering from an acute episode of psychosis, particularly Bipolar I Disorder, and Mr. Rivera was unaware of his symptoms which were not being controlled by prescribed psychotropic medication,” said Dr. Sheila Rapa, a witness for the prosecution. “He lacked the ability of insight to tell reality from fantasy or right from wrong.”

Rivera has some conditions he must abide by per his release. He will be under the supervision of his family and will be living with his parents and brother. He is allowed to continue fighting and will be accompanied by a friend or member of the family when he leaves his hometown for a fight. Fellow fighters and friends of Rivera’s, Gilbert Burns, and Sean Soriano can be the ones to join him at fighting events.

Rivera last fought in the UFC when he lost his UFC Vegas 11 bout against Andre Ewell by split decision.

Do you want to see Irwin Rivera return to the UFC?

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