Jake Paul Dresses As Coked Up Dana White With Strippers For Halloween

Looks like Jake Paul went for a trick instead of a treat for Halloween this year.

Paul has been feuding back and forth with UFC President Dana White for a while, calling him out for underpaying his fighters and suggesting that he likes to partake in extracurricular activities involving his nose. Most recently, White went after the YouTuber turned boxer for calling Claressa Shields a loser, expressing desires to see the boxing champ knock him out.

Now it seems that Paul is firing back, this time with a bit of holiday flare. He posted a few photos to his Twitter showing off his Halloween costume for this year, and it just so happens to involve him wearing a bald cap, holding a suspicious bag of white powder, and claiming to be Dana White alongside some a stripper.

“Happy Halloween from Dana White and his hookers 👻 🎃” Paul wrote.

Jake Paul draws reference to a few different things with this costume, with the photos themselves explaining what he is doing. Namely, he is making a callback to the stripper who allegedly tried to extort Dana White after filming the two of them bumping uglies.

Of course, the most obvious reference is the “Coked Up” Dana White that he has called attention to in the past. In fact, he recently went on a tirade against the UFC bossman, accusing him doing illegal things with his nose while making reference to how underpaid UFC fighters are.

“Dana White is gambling and doing illegal things with his nose. He should be paying Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou $10 million each to fight. Conor McGregor is the most underpaid fighter in the history of the sport, in terms of the value he brought to ESPN, the UFC, and the amount be got paid. It’s sad,” Paul said to the Schmo.

The beef between Jake Paul and Dana White will seemingly never end, with some people even supporting the YouTuber’s cries for increased wages among fighters. Either way, this was an entertaining way for him to spend his Halloween.

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