Sunday, October 2, 2022

Jake Paul DM’d Floyd Mayweather To Set Up A Fight

Jake Paul wanted to box Floyd Mayweather and he wanted it to be a pro fight.

Mayweather had an exhibition match back in June against Logan Paul, the brother of Jake, and after that, he said he’s likely done boxing for good. However, Paul has made it clear he too, wants the chance to box Mayweather and he revealed he actually DM’d the undefeated boxer to set up a fight and he believes he would’ve finished Mayweather had they boxed.

“I don’t do exhibitions. I told Floyd, I actually messaged him and I said ‘Yo, if you want to do a real pro fight at a weight class, then let’s do it,'” Paul said to Mirror. “But I think he’s going to retire and that’s probably what’s best for him because my brother is a great fighter, but I’m just built different. I would have taken Floyd out and that wouldn’t be good for him.”

Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul

Although Paul wanted to box Mayweather, as he says, it likely won’t happen due to the fact Mayweather does appear to be retired and only interested in exhibition fights. However, his nickname is “Money” and perhaps if the money is right he would box the brash YouTuber-turned-boxer to make tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions.

If Paul doesn’t get to box Mayweather, who he will fight next is uncertain. He’s coming off a split decision win over Tyron Woodley and there has been talk of the rematch, especially after Woodley got the tattoo. Another name in the mix is Tommy Fury, but the Brit has turned down what Paul has offered him as he said $1 million flat rate is not enough for the magnitude of the bout.

For now, Paul is back training and awaiting his next fight as the 4-0 pro boxer has taken over the combat sports world.

Would you like to see Jake Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather?

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