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Jake Paul Lays Out Two Possible Scenarios For His Boxing Retirement

After only four professional bouts, Jake Paul is already discussing his retirement plans.

“The Problem Child,” however, wants to get a few bouts in before that happens. Since his split-decision victory over Tyron Woodley, Paul began searching hard for an opponent, calling out UFC stars past and present.

The YouTuber has floated a potential bout with Anderson Silva. And he’s challenged Dana White to sanction a matchup with welterweight Jorge Masvidal—a request which the UFC President countered by telling Paul to “go fight somebody your own size.” 

Paul, naturally, attempted to call White’s bluff. The 24-year-old tweeted at the UFC President, requesting that he sign off on a bout with middleweight Derek Brunson. White is yet to respond, and given his view that Paul’s fights “ain’t f*cking selling pay-per-views,” it’s unlikely he will.

Ultimately, Paul would land on a fight agreement with Tommy Fury with very unusual stakes in a bout that is yet to be officially signed.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul Reveals Two Possible Paths To Boxing Retirement

“The Problem Child” is now 4-0 in his boxing career, and in an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour recently, he said its glorious end will possibly come in one of two ways.

“I’ve always thought it’d be dope to get to 10-0 and then just call it there,” Paul said. “So that’s six more fights. But I’ve done four fights in two years, and it went by like this. So who knows, honestly? I’m figuring this out as I go.”

The other path to retirement for Paul? Becoming world champion, and of course, sticking it in everyone’s face.

“And part of me wants to become a world champion just to say I did it, and to prove everyone wrong, which, when you think about it on so many levels, it’d just be hilarious, and it’d be historic. So I would just get the belt and be like, ‘Yo, I became a world champion’ and then kick the belt into the fuckin’ crowd and not give a fuck about it. And be like, ‘Yo, fuck all of you guys who doubted me. I just became a world champion for the fuck of it and now I’m retiring.”

What do you think? Will Jake Paul retire early, or as world champ?

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