Saturday, October 1, 2022

Jake Paul Takes Great Pleasure In Claressa Shield’s First Career Loss

Jake Paul had himself a grand ol’ time watching Claressa Shields lose in her second professional MMA bout.

Recently, Claressa Shields has had a mouthful to say about polarizing figure Jake Paul. The two central claims made by the Olympian were 1) She could easily defeat Paul in a boxing match, even with one hand; and 2) It is an insult to even suggest she would fight on a Jake Paul undercard.

Now usually, Jake Paul is quick with the reply and doesn’t seem to discriminate much on who he responds to. In the case of Claressa Shields, however, he remained mostly if not completely silent in light of Shields’ hot comments. In hindsight, the professional troll may have just been biding his time for the right moment to respond. If so, minutes after Shields’s first MMA loss suited this preference just right.

“I love karma @Claressashields, Congrats Abigail Montes! Someone get her a Twitter!” Paul posted with the following, more elaborate message attached:

“The truth hurts but it’s necessary,” wrote Paul. “Clarissa Shields is a loser. In MMA, and even more so with her prima donna attitude. The fake always get exposed. Losses come when anger and hate take over. Just ask Rousey and McGregor. She spent more time berating Jake Paul than learning Jiu Jitsu. She’s never been a big draw and unfortunately for her she never will be. Amanda Serrano (the GWOAT) though, has 30 KOs in 42 fights. 2-0 in MMA, both wins by submission. Congrats Abigail Montes on the win.”

As Paul’s celebration alludes to, Shields’s loss came at the hands of Abigail Montes, who outgrappled the Olympic boxer to a split-decision victory the YouTuber believes was the work of karma.

Though Paul classifies Shields’ comments as “berating,” Shields maintained that she did not mean any disrespect to Paul with her comments. On the contrary, she says she was simply providing a blunt, straightforward response to the thought of fighting on his undercard given her credentials.

Now that the two are officially on bad terms, perhaps Shields will fall back on her other claim and opt to fight on a Jake Paul card after all, not on the undercard, but rather opposite her newfound nemesis to shut him up while proving herself right.

You don’t…you don’t think we’re actually seeing the groundwork laid out for a possible Jake Paul vs. Claressa Shields fight…do you?

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