Thursday, October 28, 2021

Jake Paul Points Out “Loophole” In Woodley’s “I Love Jake Paul” Tattoo

The “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo that Tyron Woodley got branded on him was not the rematch-sealing gesture Woodley had hoped it would be.

Prior to the Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley boxing match on August 29, the tattoo stipulation was clear: the loser gets tattooed with “I Love <Insert Winner’s Name>.” Immediately after the fight ended, the stipulation was amended: Should Woodley get this tattoo, it would secure him the rematch that he demanded in the ring when Paul was announced the winner.

After Paul stated that the tattoo window had elapsed, Woodley got and displayed his brand-new tattoo anyway.

Before Woodley got the tattoo and one day after their fight, Paul took to Twitter to lay out the following guidelines to ensure all the expectations for the tattoo were aboveboard:

1. 3×2 inches at least

2. Can’t get it covered

3. Permanent

4. Must post on social media

5. Has to be visible with shorts and shirt on

In a recent interview with, Paul pointed out a loophole that he believes Woodley is trying to create, and it’s one that isn’t associated with the above guidelines.

“Let’s see what happens,” Paul said of a rematch against Woodley. “He was like three or four weeks late on the tattoo, he let the hype die down,” the 24-year-old explained. “I think he had a call with his accountants and he saw how much taxes he had to pay and he was like ‘oh, man, I need to get this tattoo right now.’

“The weird thing about it, and I’m saying this on record right now, is the tattoo is on his middle finger and it’s done in a way where he can change it to say ‘f*** Jake Paul’. He did it so the I looks like an F or could be changed to that, so I think personally he’s going to change it to say f*** Jake Paul on his middle finger.

“It goes perfectly with that, so I’m calling it out right now. He’s trying to find loopholes and be slick but he’s not as smart as he thinks he is,” Paul said.

This response to Woodley’s tattoo goes into much more depth than Paul’s previous, trollish one from last week. Nevertheless, it still falls shy of confirming that a rematch between the two will take place. You can therefore chalk this up to being the second consecutive response from Paul that Woodley won’t want to hear and one that may make “The Chosen One” choose to modify his “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo to the explicit remix that Paul suspects is already coming.

Do you agree with Jake Paul? Is Tyron Woodley trying to be slick with his interpretation of the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo?

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