Friday, December 9, 2022

Jake Paul Says Boxing, Not Money, Is What Fulfills Him: “I Feel Like I’m Rocky”

Money and fame just aren’t doing it anymore for Jake Paul, who says he’s now seeking fulfillment in the art of boxing, likening himself to Rocky Balboa.

Paul, whose net worth is reportedly around $30 million, has successfully parlayed his vast social media following into a highly lucrative boxing career. The 24-year-old claimed to have received an “eight-figure” payday for his split decision victory over Tyron Woodley. And for his fight against Ben Askren, Paul boasted on Instagram that the event generated 1.5 million PPV buys and $75 million in revenue. The post also featured a photo of the “Problem Child” bathing in cash.

These figures, all self reported, more than likely have a hint of exaggeration to them. But there’s no denying that Paul is pocketing a fair amount of dough from his boxing exploits.

Jake Paul Says He’s All About Boxing Now, And Little About Money And Fame

Despite the license to print money that his boxing career has become, Paul told The MMA Hour last week that he’s moved past the soulless pursuit of the dollar, and is now driven by more noble endeavors.

“The money and I think the clout and the fame isn’t what is fulfilling me anymore,” said Paul. “And I’m finding more fulfillment in the actual process, and the actual sport, and the actual art of boxing because something about it, I just love. Like, it’s like you’re living a real-life movie, a real-life boxing movie.

“And I feel like I’m Rocky, with the movement that I’m creating and how many people are doubting me and saying that I can’t do this and saying that I can’t become anything. It’s motivating more to just keep on winning and to prove to people my skill. So the money’s great and blah, blah, blah. But at this point, it isn’t fulfilling me.”

What do you think? Is Jake Paul truly all about boxing now?