Jan Blachowicz On Jones Arrest: ‘We’re Going To Hear This Story Again’

Light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz is not surprised to hear about Jon Jones getting arrested again.

Blachowicz took over the light heavyweight title when Jones vacated the belt in an attempt to move up to heavyweight. Since then, the Polish fighter has been vocal about his interest in wanting to fight the former champ, saying that he expects it to happen at some point, even if it means he has to follow Jones to heavyweight.

That said, Jones likely had his heavyweight move delayed by another round of recent legal issues, being arrested for domestic violence issues. Speaking in an interview with James Lynch, Blachowicz made it clear that he was not surprised to hear that Jones is on the wrong side of the law yet again, stating that he feels it will continue to happen.

“I’m not disappointed. For me it’s boring, you know? I’m not surprised. Wake up a month (later), and I think we’re going to hear this story again,” Blachowicz said.

With this not being the first time Jon Jones has been in hot water with the law, some have been calling for the UFC to cut him. However, Blachowicz says that he does not want to see that happen, because he still wants to fight the two-time 205lb king.

“I’m not the judge, I don’t want to be the judge. It’s not my business. I hope not, because I believe that in the future I’m going to meet this guy in the Octagon,” Blachowicz said.

It is easy to understand the frustration and exhaustion from the fans, concerning Jon Jones and his repeated offenses, but it is hard to imagine that the UFC will part with such a huge star. Nevertheless, Jan Blachowicz brings up some good points, and it would be interesting to see if the two face off at some point.