Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Jan Blachowicz Can Relate To Glover Teixeira’s Current Position

Jan Blachowicz can see a resemblance to his upcoming opponent Glover Teixeira.

There is a light heavyweight title fight going down on the upcoming UFC 267 fight card. This bout is very important for both men involved. Champion Jan Blachowicz gets to prove once again that he belongs at the top of the division, while Glover Teixeira could be getting his last shot to be king. Blachowicz has had some time to reflect on his future opponent and seems to have figured him out a bit. Perhaps that is because he sees a bit of himself in Teixeira.

“I think with his age, something changed in his head,” Blachowicz told MMA Fighting. “Now, he know what to do, how to train, how to use his skills. Just his mentality is at the top right now. That’s why he’s #1, and he’s got (a) chance for the title. I was in this place before, but I catch this little bit earlier than him.”

At 38, Blachowicz will be the oldest competitor that the 41-year-old Teixeira has faced in some time. Blachowicz knows what it means to fight for a long career before seeing yourself at the top. Blachowicz began his MMA fighting career back in 2007. He worked his way to the UFC in 2014 and became champion in 2020.

Blachowicz spoke about Teixeira having figured out his training. It seems that is the case since his recent run of winning five in a row got him to this title shot. He spoke a bit about his mentality recently, and Teixeira knows deep inside that he is meant to be a champion. Blachowicz’s recent resume proves that he will be a tough test for Teixeira. Both men will be bringing their A-game to Abu Dhabi on Oct. 30.

Who do you think walks away with the light heavyweight title on Oct. 30 at UFC 267?