Sunday, May 22, 2022

Jon Jones Lists Child Molestation, Other Trauma As Demons To Overcome

Dana White said that Jon Jones has demons to work through, and it seems he was right.

Jones has been the subject of backlash recently, and rightfully so considering the nature of his most recent run-in with the law. When White was asked for his thoughts on the former light heavyweight champ being arrested for domestic violence charges, the UFC President said that he was not surprised to see that happen and that Jones has some demons to work through.

During his latest string of tweet-and-deletes, in the wake of his coach Mike Winkeljohn revealing he was no longer welcome at the gym, Jones opened up a bit about what some of these demons are. In a Twitter post that he deleted almost immediately, he said that some of the difficulties in his life included being some serious traumas.

“My life wasn’t always great man, being molested as a child, losing a parent and sibling to disease at a young age. It goes on and on man. I got things I need to deal with,” Jones wrote (h/t MMA Reporter Adam Guillen for the screenshot).

This is a serious thing for Jones to admit to and open up about and does a lot to paint a picture of potentially why he has made some of the bad decisions that he has over the years. That being said, it is important to realize that this does not do anything to justify any of the actions that are alleged to have happened recently, nor the other hiccups he has had in life.

At the end of the day, Jon Jones is the only one who is to blame for the decisions that he makes, no matter what his background is. Nevertheless, this is still a tragic backstory from one of the greatest fighters to ever compete in the Octagon.

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