Monday, October 3, 2022

Jones Fires Back At Detractor, Claims He is “Still Winning”

Jon Jones is not shying away from social media in light of recent situations.

Jon Jones has been out of UFC competition for some time now. Early last year, the former champ decided to give up his light heavyweight title in search of a heavyweight championship win. Since that decision, Jones has had some trouble. In his quest to gain some weight for his heavyweight debut, he has had disagreements with the UFC and most recently been arrested.

Despite all of these issues, Jones hasn’t stopped training for posting to his social media. In a recent Instagram post showing himself working out and lifting weights, a fan came at his. The comment read, “You’re only fighting to win. Legacy is bye bye.” Jones responded to this.

“I mean making $5 million-plus every time I show up to work isn’t really a bad gig either,” he wrote. “But sure, whatever makes you feel good. Enjoy trying to kick a man while he’s down, even on my worst day I’m winning.”

Jon Jones being on social media has gotten him in trouble in the past. Tweeting to the UFC and Dana White is what began their feud over his pay. He went public with the negotiation disagreements and even threatened to leave the UFC altogether. After his arrest for battery domestic violence, Jones has been on social media denying the claims and showing that he and his fiancée are good.

The use of social media has been a problem many times and now that Jones has a new advice and management team, they have publically stated that they have been trying to get him to stop. It seems that isn’t working well since Jones is still active on Twitter and Instagram.

Do you think Jon Jones should stay off social media altogether?

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