Sunday, August 14, 2022

Leon Edwards Demands BMF Title With Jorge Masvidal Win

Leon Edwards thinks he is one win away from being the deserving BMF champ.

Edwards is set to take on Jorge Masvidal, after a few years of build-up between the two, starting with a backstage brawl in 2019. This viral moment was the start of the meteoric resurrection of Masvidal, which included two shots at welterweight gold, a five-second knockout, and a Baddest Motherf—ker title win, by beating Nate Diaz to capture the specially crafted BMF belt.

With Edwards already holding a win over Diaz and being slated to face Masvidal at the end of the year, he believes that he is in line for a BMF title himself. Speaking on The MMA Hour, he made the case for why he should be considered the BMF champ if he beats the two men for whom the title was created.

“This is my 12th fight in a row without losing, and I am looking forward to going out there and showing the world just how good I am. To go out there and take out Nate and take out Masvidal, the two BMFs, I feel like I deserve that belt. Give me that belt after,” Edwards said.

This is not exactly terrible logic from Leon Edwards, who makes a good point, considering the fact that the BMF title was only on the line for one fight. That being said, there is also strong reasoning to back up the idea that Kamaru Usman is the lineal BMF champ, considering the fact that he holds two wins over Jorge Masvidal, including a brutal knockout.

Of course, this is all for fun, as the BMF title is not an actual belt with any real stakes. Either way, fans are pumped to finally see Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal square off in the Octagon.

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