Friday, December 9, 2022

Drunk Logan Paul Slaps Hater For Calling Him A ‘P—sy’ (VIDEO)

Some have accused the Paul brothers of being Conor McGregor wannabe, and while that may not be true, Logan recently found himself in a similar situation as the Irishman.

Logan Paul may not be the accomplished professional boxer that his brother Jake is, but he does have a fight with Floyd Mayweather on his resume, even taking the former champ through eight rounds. He is also rumored to be facing Mike Tyson in February of next year, so he is at least building up a history of facing big names on his Wikipedia page.

However, it seems that he is adding an unofficial name to the list of people he has thrown hands with, this time in the form of an unidentified person during an autograph signing. The incident was caught on camera.

Paul was reportedly drunk when this individual called him names, leading to the YouTuber turned boxer to grab him and slap him in the face before getting separated by his friend Mike Majiak.

Check out the video below:

At the time of writing, it is unclear if the person slapped by Logan Paul will attempt to press charges over this incident, or if there have been any repercussions.

What do you make of this outburst from Logan Paul? Do you think he will end up facing any sort of charges for slapping this individual?