Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Marvin Vettori Continues To Rip Costa After Fight: “Go Run, Fatass”

Marvin Vettori had some choice words for Paulo Costa after their bout on Saturday.

It’s quite common for fighters with bad blood to exit the Octagon with a sense of mutual respect at the conclusion of their contest. They’ll shake hands, maybe say complimentary things about their opponent, and move on to the future. That didn’t happen last night.

UFC middleweight Marvin Vettori has never been one to stand on ceremony. In contrast, he is known to say exactly how he feels, especially as it relates to someone he is adversarial with. He continued this trend when addressing his UFC Vegas 41 opponent, Paulo Costa.

Marvin Vettori Continues To Lay Into Paulo Costa After Weight Controversy

Paulo Costa Marvin Vettori

Heading into UFC Vegas 41, Costa showered the event in controversy by being unapologetically overweight and responsible for the multiple changes to the classified weight division for the main event. So when asked if Costa earned his respect after sharing the Octagon with him in a five-round war, Vettori did not mince words as to why that was not the case.

“He’s full of shit, to be honest. I don’t like how he carried himself,” Vettori said in the UFC Vegas 41 post-fight press conference. “I don’t like how he carried himself. Nah. If I see him right now, I probably won’t jump him, but I won’t even share a glass or nothin’. You go your fuckin’ way; I go my own way. You fuckin’ lost; you’re gonna give me [20%] of your purse; and go run, fatass.”

Vettori disclosed in the press conference that after being moved up to 195 pounds, there was also an agreement for the fight to take place at 198 pounds before ultimately landing at 205. But no matter how much Costa weighed or what other obstacles arose, Vettori was adamant that the fight would proceed.

Proceed it did, and Vettori has emerged from the UFC Vegas 41 ruckus with an additional 20% of a fight purse, another win on his résumé, and much more respect from the MMA community that he earned with his professionalism and unwavering willingness to scrap.

As evident by Vettori’s above comments, the Italian doesn’t believe Costa is worthy of such respect after the fiasco that was this past fight week.  

Do you have a different opinion of Marvin Vettori or Paulo Costa after UFC Vegas 41?