Saturday, December 10, 2022

Masvidal Bashes Edwards: ‘This Guy Is Not Who He Says He Is At All’

There is certainly no love lost between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards.

After more than two years of buildup, stemming from a backstage scrap, Masvidal is finally set to face Edwards at UFC 269 on December 11th. Naturally, the two have been going back and forth since the fight has been announced and it has certainly not let up.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Masvidal absolutely tore into his upcoming opponent and his supposed tough upbringing in Birmingham, England. Here, the BMF champ questioned the validity of his life on the streets compared to the experiences that “Gamebred” himself had, stating that if this were the case, there would be a lot of things different in Edwards’s demeanor after the two had their infamous backstage altercation in 2019.

“I’m not going to diss Birmingham or nothing, but I don’t care where he comes from because where I come from, and how I grew up, that guy wouldn’t have lived one day in it. In the actual heat of the moment, he never would’ve survived. He just would have stayed home the whole time, waiting for his parents to get WIFI for him to develop social skills because this guy’s a coward,” Masvidal said.

“What he did to me in England showed me everything that I ever needed to know about this guy. He can say that he grew up in this or that place, but he didn’t. He comes from a place that’s not what he says. I’m telling you man, this guy is not who he says he is at all. Nobody that is like that, that comes from these places, acts like he does. He’s a coward and I”m going to say it to his face before and after I beat his ass.

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“You’re talking all this crap and then when somebody gets in your face you’re like hesitant about it. Like, you know exactly what’s going to happen if you come from these places. You see I’m walking towards you and you’re walking towards me, and you’re going to say I assaulted you? That’s coward shit. He was saying assault and he originally wanted to call the cops on me, but what would’ve happened? That wouldn’t have looked good for his brand, and ‘I’m such a tough guy’ thing that he’s trying to proclaim. So that’s why he didn’t want to call the cops, but originally they wanted to press charges on me, when you started this altercation.”

While Jorge Masvidal maintains that this fight with Leon Edwards is not personal, it clearly appears that they do not like one another. Lucky for the fans, they will finally square off in the Octagon before the year is over.