Monday, November 28, 2022

Miesha Tate Believes Jake Paul Could Make History As A Boxing Promoter

Miesha Tate is convinced that Jake Paul could shake up the boxing world with his ‘fighters first’ approach to his newly formed business, Most Valuable Promotions.

In 2021, Jake Paul and his brand have skyrocketed. Of course, by no accident, the young, yet prudent businessman partook in two of the most talked-about boxing matches of the year. In April, Paul took out Ben Askren in a first-round knockout. Then, after outboxing Tyron Woodley en route to a lucrative split decision, his brand has never been more prolific.

On Sept. 30, 2021, Jake Paul signed Amanda Serrano, the IBO, WBC, and WBO featherweight champion to his Most Valuable Promotions endeavor. With a name like Jake Paul running the show, former UFC champ Miesha Tate is convinced that the 24-year-old is in a prime position to shake up the combat sports world.

Speaking on the Throwing Down podcast, Tate seemed receptive to fighting in Paul’s promotion which she believes is a ‘fighters first’ promotion.

“I believe I would. I mean, I would be the first, yeah, I mean, I would be the first one to do it. Obviously, I’m still over here; gotta do my thing in the UFC. But if it goes where I have the faith it could go and do the things that I believe he could do, I think it might be the first time in boxing history that we have a fighter-first promoter. Tate stated. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that, at least in boxing.”

“I think we’re gonna be able to tell a lot by his first four, five signings; what direction he’s going with this. Are we going to get some interesting people in there?” Tate said.

With Jake Paul’s meteoric rise in the boxing world, the ongoing developments with his new promotion might offer fighters another avenue to explore if/when they become a free agent. Despite Tate being under contract with the UFC, it seems the former champion is highly interested in making history and becoming the first UFC fighter to make the crossover to Most Valuable Promotions.

How do you think Miesha Tate would do in boxing?