Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mike Perry Claims A Fan Once Paid $10,000 Just To Talk To Him

Mike Perry is trying to bond with his fans, sort of.

There are some fighters who try to make money on the side. Some coach, some sell merchandise, but Mike Perry wants to make talking to fans his side hustle. Perry and his girlfriend are beginning a Cameo business where they will be charging fans to chat. Perry announced this on Thursday on his Twitter page.

As stated in the post, “Platinum” is setting up 1-on-1 calls with fans via Cameo. He is charging $50 for two minutes of talking. At the end of the call, they can snap a picture of Perry. This idea may seem strange to some, but Perry explained that he is trying to connect with fans in this way.

“You can say what you want but I’m trying to give people the chance to connect with me, the ones who will pay aren’t the jerks that comment,” He wrote. “You guys are the weirdos. Someone recently gave me 10k to talk to me so the only broke ones are the haters lol. I’d pay to talk to.”

Perry is 3-7 in his last 10 outings in the UFC. Currently, Perry is without a scheduled fight. He has been called out recently by Kevin Lee but declined. He has been in trouble with the law several times over the last few years, and his standing with the UFC has been in jeopardy. Some have even called for him to be released.

Perhaps in these fan chats, he could announce his plans for the future and if he is expecting to be back in the UFC Octagon any time soon.

Would you pay $50 to chat with Mike Perry for two minutes?

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