Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Costa Is Invited To The ‘Blonde Brunson Barbecue’ After Weight Issues

Derek Brunson has given Paulo Costa an invite to the barbecue, even though he might eat all the food.

It seems like almost the entire MMA community has been frustrated with Costa this week after he took his middleweight fight with Marvin Vettori and turned it into a 195lb catchweight on fight week before adding another 10lb hours before weigh-ins. While some may consider it a power move or a heel turn, the general consensus is that it is unprofessional and disrespectful to his opponent.

While fellow middleweight contender Derek Brunson does not appear to be as heated about the situation as some, he still could not hesitate to poke some fun at Costa online. Posting to Instagram, he shared a meme that was made of Borrachina, sitting in front of a table full of food, while saying that whether he was 25lb overweight or not, he was invited to the barbecue.

“Paulo Costa aka Paulo Pasta aka Eating At All Costa showed up to fight week 25lb over weight. Welcome to the Blonde Brunson Cook-Out 😂😂😂” Brunson wrote.

Brunson did not drop it there either, following this up with another post, this time to Twitter. This one seemed a little less jovial though, where he pointed out how quickly a fighter can cut six pounds, like Costa supposedly did, and openly wondering what the Brazilian’s excuse is going to be.

“I can’t wait for the Costa excuses after the fight . This man cut 6lbs during fight week. You can literally do that in 30 minutes 🤔” he quipped.

On the surface, this might seem like Derek Brunson putting his photoshop skills to use so he could troll Paulo Costa, but then when you consider that Blonde Brunson is on a five-fight streak and ranked number four, he could be just as easily vying for a number one contender’s fight with the winner, after his UFC 270 scrap with Jared Cannonier. Either way, it was entertaining for the fans to see.

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